My Running Diary: Embracing A Sunrise Run!

This is my running diary. It’s been a few weeks since Daylight Savings kicked in and I feel like I’ve finally adjusted to the time! I’ve been enjoying more sun during the day and that means embracing a sunrise run!


Diary of a Running Chick: March 27th, 2017

As you all know, I love to run in the mornings. It truly is a peaceful and magical time to run. I’ve been lucky to have some beautiful morning runs this year, but it’s not always easy to pull myself out of bed. You need to work at it, I get it, but I always feel so much better after I get outside and run. With more sunshine every day, it’s easier than ever to go running, especially if the early morning is mentally hard. Let the sun guide you and embrace a sunrise run! I am in this week’s running diary.

Lately I’ve been logging as many miles as possible, because I know I’m going to have to take a short break from running right after my baby is born. I’m using that as motivation to get myself out of bed to run. I know I’ll crave running once I’m feeling better after giving birth, so I’m taking every opportunity to get out there and do it now. Plus, nothing beats a morning sunrise!

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One of my favorite things is running while the sun comes up. I always remind myself when I get up that if it’s still a bit dark outside, I’ll be running with the sun soon enough. It’s great motivation to get my day going. I always feel like I have a little buddy running with me and it’s the sun. I’ve become quite obsessed with taking a picture on my morning runs, especially with buddy. I love to document what the day was like and the picture I take reflects how I’m feeling that morning. I love pictures that have the sun peeking through, because it truly embodies the way it feels to wake up on your morning run with the sunrise.


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A great benefit of this time of year is that if you’re not a morning runner, you can still embrace a sun run when you get home from work. It can be equally as freeing to go for a nice long run as the sun sets! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not drawn to run late in the day during the winter, because it gets dark so early. I never could get mentally into it, but I do love a nice late afternoon run in the spring and summer months. It’s so freeing to run with the sun. One thing I love about late afternoon runs is that I always run so much faster than I do in the morning. Once I’m good to run with the baby, I might embrace some of these sunset runs!

No matter what is going on with your life, be sure to love a good sun run. The spring is a perfect time to reinvigorate your runs! If you’ve always run later in the day, try switching it up and running with the waking sun. It will change your whole perspective on the day. The same goes if you feel stagnant in your morning runs; try going for a nice long sun run in the afternoon. It will truly make you feel wonderful!


Embracing a sun run is great way to get out of your head and truly just run. That’s really what I love doing with my runs. I love getting out of my head and just running! Hope you enjoyed my running diary, updated every Monday with my latest adventure.


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