Running Check In: January 2018 Review

Every month of 2018 I’m implementing a running check in! This is our first of the year, so join me for our January review. I’m super pleased with how I started this year. I definitely kept that motivation going from before the holidays.


Diary of a Running Chick: January 29th, 2018

I’m implementing a running check in every month of 2018! This is our first of the year, so join me for our January review. I was determined to keep up my consistency throughout the first month of 2018 and I succeeded. The key for me is to keep myself accountable for my runs. I’ve talked about this here on BuzzChomp and in my Fit Mom video series, but its worth restating. I always look at my week on Sunday and figure out when I can run. I also do a rough estimate of how many feasible miles I can run each day. Really, what I’m doing is having a mini weekly running check in. This definitely keeps me where I want to be and has fueled my January success.

Last year I was focused on working to extend my runs. Taking a look at my January, that focus has paid off. It reinforced how I’m setting myself up for success by simply extending my runs. What works best for me is to slowly go farther. This is how I’ve consistently extended my runs. It also gives me the foundation to get used to the longer run, without burning myself out.

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My January running review has taught me several other key things. I now know that my consistency for the year is on point. That makes me so happy, knowing that I’m on the right track. I’m able to know this because I track all of my runs through MapMyRun. I love doing this and I love reviewing my weekly and monthly reports. Normally I glance at my weekly stats, but I really like to take a full look at my monthly runs. January was exactly what I wanted to do!


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No matter where you are on your running journey, it’s imperative to have a running check in. Sometimes it just gets you focused for the next month. If your January review is not where you want it to be, do not get discouraged. If you’re in a cold weather climate, it might be a little harder for you to get outside to run. That is fine. Keep at it and keep doing the running check in.

A big goal for me is to have a running check in every month. I really believe this will keep my runs focused and keep me hitting my milestones. That’s a big reason why I’m doing monthly running check ins. Last year I kept myself on track, but I definitely had to go with it after having a baby. This year it’s all about pushing myself further and harder.

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Running check ins are a great way to keep yourself on your successful path. It’s great for those who are starting out running, or even if you’re a seasoned runner. It’s easy to get into a rut when you are running, so a running check in will help you combat that! Start out with your January review!


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