Review: A Look At World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria

So we’ve fought off elementals, slain some dragons, smote demons, killed a few undead, and saved the world from the Black Dragon Flight aspect, Deathwing. Now, we must fight off our negative emotions. If you have stopped playing World of Warcraft, or haven’t played it at all, you might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, what do you mean by that?” Well, I’ll tell you; the recent discovery of Pandaria has set the Alliance and Horde off to war with each other right on the get go when they both arrive on this new land. Due to this, all of their negative emotions, hatred, fear, doubt, etc. have manifested and became what are known as Sha. The Sha had already existed on Pandaria long before the Horde and Alliance had arrived, but due to them fighting with one another, they have come back in full power. The Pandaren are a very peaceful race and do not fight unless it is the last resort to solving the conflict, but just because they are peaceful, does not mean that they aren’t strong, in fact they are one of the strongest races out there, their numbers may be few but they are highly skilled in combat, and they are also Pandas, which is pretty badass.

The other races of Pandaria include the Hozen, which are monkeys, I can tell Blizzard had fun with various quests that have to do with the Hozen and such because quite frankly, the Hozen are hilarious. If you’re on the Horde, the Hozen side with you in the Jade Forest, the first zone you’ll be in, in Pandaria. There’s the Jinyu, which are fish-like humanoids, they are very wise beings, and have the ability to converse with the land. If you are Alliance this race sides with you in the Jade Forest. The Mogu, which are Chinese Guardian Lion Humanoids, are considered to be the first race that lived on Pandaria, The Pandaren took them out of power 12,000 years ago, and now, the Mogu have risen again, attempting to conquer Pandaria once again. And then, there’s the Mantid, a Praying Mantis Humanoid hybrid, the only real major difference is the Mantid are sentient beings, unlike the Silithid who have a hive mind, but due to some mysterious source, they start off their every millennium cycle of aggression, one century early, and the Pandaren are trying to figure out what’s causing it.

Note that everything from here on is based on my personal opinion and experiences. I had just hit 90 yesterday and have done Scholomance on Heroic, none of the fights I found were too challenging, if anything I thought the ‘Bored Student’ Trash mobs were harder than the bosses, due to the fact that some of the pulls consist of over 5 of them and they deal heavy damage fast, but our Healer was good so I’m happy to report there were zero casualties. I also did The Brewing Storm scenario, scenarios are 3 man mini-instances by the way, all you have to do is protect the brew by extinguishing them when on fire and fight off the waves of Saurok, then descend the hill while escorting the NPC and protect the town afterwards.

So far, I find it very enjoyable, and I can tell already from the dungeons I’ve done so far it will be better than Cataclysm by far. The new talent system I thought at first, wasn’t that good, but I’ve grown to like it, it honestly isn’t that bad with how much they have changed it. My main character is a tank Paladin, and I intend on Raiding in the near future, and once that starts happening I will continue to be writing reviews based on the different Raids, then I will be able to give better reviews to this new expansion as I am currently in the leveling up phase. Until next time, Happy Hunting.

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