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Pretty Little Lars ‘Original G’A’ngsters reaction vlog. It’s not LEGIT kids. Let’s just say this was my least favorite episode so far.

PLL has a tendency of having a few filler episodes each half season which kind of stinks but it always gives some good information. The best part of course was about Jessica DeLaurentis and her crazy lair. WTF kids. Okay it’s official the DeLaurentis family is CRAZY! Jessica spied on EVERYONE and had all those files!

I love it that Jason is back! He looks like a babe with that long hair. Not only is Jason back but Noel Khan was creeping around the whole episode making us want to believe that he’s Uber A but no kids he is not. He’s obviously helping Jenna and Jenna is definitely watching her own back!

Check out my full reaction and comment on my video to let me know what you think!

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1 Comment

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