Pretty Little Liars: Our New ‘A’ Killed CeCe

Pretty Little Liars most recent episode HEATED up and our new ‘A’ killed CeCe.

The show is still moving slow but I have a feeling after this episode things are heating up. The girls all got their first text message at the end of the show. The A resurrection has happened and they know who killed CeCe. It also got us thinking to who could possibly have killed CeCe. The obvious of course being Sara Harvey who probably didn’t since everyone thinks she did.

We have two other SUSPECTS who could have killed CeCe. One being Melissa and the other being Lucas! Yes LUCAS is back kids!

Do you agree with my three Suspects? Comment on my video to let me know.

Mandi is a true Fangirl and loves Vlogging:
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PLL - 3 New Suspects pll-6b-11


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Happy Fangirl Friday! Can’t wait for Pretty Little Liars!

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