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Dear Mattie Show Podcast: Ep52 Paul Gilmartin


The Dear Mattie Show Podcast is all new in episode 52 with Paul Gilmartin of the moving and funny ‘The Mental Illness Happy Hour’ podcast. Plus he’s one of Matt’s favorites. Enjoy!

The entire Dear Mattie Show podcast can be found here:


Dear Mattie Show episode 52: Paul Gilmartin from The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast

Mattie sits down with one of his podcasting idols, the darkly hilarious Paul Gilmartin. Yeah!



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As you know, I’ve been obsessed with being a TV host since I was a kid. And even in my youth, I always thought Paul Gilmartin was a great host. His first hosting claim to fame was TBS’s ‘Dinner and a Movie.’ He was always so funny, likable, and self-deprecating.

In 2011 Paul launched ‘The Mental Illness Happy Hour’ Podcast. This hilarious show takes on the gravity of mental illness, but with a lightness and camaraderie that makes it so relatable and good. It’s a show that makes me cry from being moved by the stories, and laugh from Paul’s jokes. It’s in my top 3 fav podcasts y’all!

When I met Paul at LA Podfest in 2015, I totally fanned him and his response was an immediate “I’d love to do your show.” I DIDN’T EVEN ASK…HE JUST OFFERED!!! This guy. So Sweet. Dream come true. Thanks so much Paul.

Topics include: I’m stuck in my grief and I don’t know how to get out of it, help? I caught my teenage son smoking pot, and my wife is freaking out…should I be as well? I’m pretty sure my husband is cheating on me, should I confront him?

Find all things Paul Gilmartin here: and on Twitter @mentalpod


The entire Dear Mattie Show podcast can be found here:

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