Pregnancy Vlog Week 36: Alien Baby Kicks!

Pregnancy vlog week 36! All about the alien baby kicks!

First we can’t believe that we’re 36 weeks along! Crazy this little girl will be here so soon! She is moving up a storm in our belly and now we get these alien baby kicks!

This babe has totally taking over my belly. There are moments when I’m just sitting and my belly is moving like crazy. The weirdest moments are when she kicks because I can legit see her foot and she holds it there and it’s crazy! It totally reminds me of a little alien. It’s super cool but it also can be a little creepy!


I love that she is so active because it makes it super easy for my man to bond with her. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night and he’s got his hand on my belly and she’s kicking away! I love that! It’s so cute and I know that he feels so connected to her. He definitely enjoys her alien baby kicks!

These kicks though get out of control. Sometimes she kicks my ribs a lot and it hurts. Sometimes she overtakes my belly and moves it. It definitely feels a little creepy but girl is just getting ready for her entrance to the world!


What were you alien baby kicks like?

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