Spring Cleaning Your Life: My Success Story!

I love Spring Cleaning and this time around I’m all about spring cleaning my life! With so many life changes coming up, I was determined to let go of all the clutter. Spring cleaning your life is great! This is my success story.


As you all know, my man and I are expecting our first child in a few weeks. Its amazing and life changing for sure! We decided to move to a bigger place before she comes, and we decided that it was essential to get rid of all the clutter in our lives, including ‘stuff’ we accumulated over the last six years living in our apartment. Let me first say that you’d never think there was any clutter simply by looking at our place, but tucked away in the closets lived a different story. We’d saved things no one needs, and I knew that moving was a great excuse to completely go Spring Cleaning on our life.

Both my man and I are a bit nostalgic. I wouldn’t have actually thought this about either of us, except that we found boxes of old memorabilia we’d saved. Some of it we just carted with us from place to place, including our first move together from Boston to Los Angeles. We also had a tendency of packing things away we might want to use again, but never actually did. It’s now years later and we never even cracked those boxes open! We needed to seriously clean our lives and decide why we should save some of this stuff, or not. We figured out that for us, we were putting stuff in boxes and saving them as a way of holding on. In reality we didn’t really need this stuff at all! So we let it all go! If it was use-able we gave it to Goodwill.

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Spring cleaning my life has made me take a good, long, hard look at the things I kept and why I kept them. Like I said above, I realized that it was easier for us to just box things up and say we’re saving them for later, than actually be truthful. Well, I decided no more! I understand why I did it, but I’m changing my ways kids. Why save your clutter to just have to go through it years later? Why not confront that clutter in your life head on? That’s exactly what I did and it feels so amazing!


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There are so many changes going on in our lives and bringing a new life into this world definitely is changing things for us, but one thing is for sure. Spring cleaning my life has made this whole process so much better! Not only have we gotten rid of so much junk, but we’ve evaluated what we’re keeping and what we’re bringing into our life. Its the perfect cure for big change!

The secret to our success story is that we didn’t do this all at once. We went through pieces of our lives at a time. We’d spend an hour or two going through one closet and then go through something else a day or two later. This was super freeing and it also made it easier for us to continue to clean stuff out. I never felt like I was burnt out, which is good, especially since I’m eight months pregnant!

Spring cleaning your life is something we all need to do! Take a hard look at what you’ve kept in your life and why. It will not only free you of excess goods, but it will also give you a better perspective on all the things physical and mental that you hold onto in your life! Plus it makes room for new, amazing, things!



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