Pregnancy Vlog Week 32: Baby Shower Love!

It’s our Pregnancy Vlog and we’re on Week 32! It’s all about Baby Shower Love!


I’m so lucky to have an awesome Mom and Sister who threw me a great baby shower this past weekend in Boston. It was great to see all my friends and family there. It was tea party themed which I loved!

I’ve read a bunch of some sites about some woman not wanting to have a baby shower. I think this is just so silly! This baby shower totally got me so excited for our little girl to come! It also was so wonderful seeing how many other people are excited for this baby to come! I love that!

You’ll love this! My little girl will too!!

I’ve stressed it before but now really is the perfect time to do things for you! Sharing the love with your friends and family is such a great thing you can do for you! It truly made me feel a little bit more prepared for this baby. I definitely felt like I have a lot of gear now and am getting more prepared! It was just so nice to be able to share my joy with so many people that I love!

Definitely rethink a shower if you’re thinking about not having one. Even if it is just for a small group of friends. It will really get you into the mindset and get you so excited for your little one!


Comment on my video and let me know what your shower was like!

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