30 Days of Jumping Jacks: Great 30 Day Challenge!

30 Days of Jumping Jacks is a great 30 day challenge. I just finished this fitness challenge and it was perfect this past month. Just what I needed to tackle each day and conquer something new.


I truly love 30 day challenges and 30 days of jumping jacks was surprisingly fun! Each new challenge keeps me sane and I look forward to a new day and what my fitness challenge will bring. Being eight months pregnant has made me rethink what challenges I can do, and I found this jumping jacks challenge a few months ago to complement my current abilities. I knew it would be perfect for me right now!

The great part about this fitness challenge is that it truly eases you in. It starts out with just ten jumping jacks and progresses five jumping jacks per day. On that first day I was really excited to start the challenge, but my body was so very sore from this pregnancy. I’d been having problems with my lower back and sciatica, so day one was very hard for me. I needed to get used to the motion and movement of jumping jacks, but once I did I was so glad that I continued on with the challenge.

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The structure of this challenge is perfect. Everyone can enjoy it! It’s five days on, with the sixth day off, for almost the entire 30 days. The final six days are a bit different because there is no rest. You power through to the end. Those last six days also change the amount of jacks, going up by ten a day instead of just five. On the final day you’re doing 150 jumping jacks! It’s an amazing feat finishing them.

Jumping jacks are a great full body cardio workout. They are easy to incorporate into your daily workout and you can do them anywhere! This challenge really is a great intro into jumping jacks. I’ve done a lot of circuits that work in jacks, but if you haven’t done them before, don’t be intimidated. There is no shame in breaking up these jacks as you get further along into the challenge. Working your way up to 150 is great, but it’s also a lot.


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This Jumping Jacks Challenge is great if you’re looking to get into 30 day challenges, or if you’re wanting a way to create a fitness routine for yourself. It’s great to know the days you’re going to workout in advance. By committing to this challenge, you’ll already have your workout days planned out for the month!

This challenge is also great if you’ve done plenty of challenges already. I always love changing up the style of my 30 day challenges. For a long time I was all about the ab challenges. Then I was obsessing over challenges with multiple exercises in them. It was a nice change of pace to do one exercise all month long.

I love the 30 day Jumping Jacks Challenge! It really was exactly what my body needed. It was a nice change of pace to the Winter Challenge I did last month. I felt great every day and it made me excited to do even more! I’ll only be able to do one more challenge prior to the baby coming, but after she comes I’ll be ramping myself back up!




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