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Pregnancy Vlog Week 30! All about the baby’s 1st outfit!

Sometimes pregnancy needs to be about the little things. No matter what happens I know that you can’t be fully prepared for the baby. That’s definitely something that I’ve come to terms with.

For me I need some things that I can be prepared for and that’s why I wanted to find the perfect outfit for my little girl! I know some people just take their babies home in whatever from the hospital but I want to make sure she looks and feels special!

I had so much fun picking out an outfit for Maddi! It just made this whole thing feel even more real. It also was just something I was doing for myself. I definitely need that during this time. It’s so important that no matter what is happening in our life that we do something for us. I know that will change when the baby comes but it’s important for us all not to loose who we are no matter what is going on in our lives!

If picking out the perfect outfit isn’t for you find something that is for you and will bring you closer to your baby one he or she is here! It will make this whole pregnancy fun and much better! I know for me that is what I want and need! I just want to have fun with this whole experience!

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What have you bought for your little one?
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