Health Tips: Easy Ways to Keep Fitness Goals!

It can be super daunting to change your lifestyle and start a healthy habit. It can feel huge to set fitness goals in the new year and we all question our ability to accomplish them! But we can! There are easy ways to keep your fitness goals, using these simple health tips.


Keeping your fitness goals is two-fold. It’s about getting to the gym for exercise, but it’s also about living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not cognizant of what you’re eating, all the working out in the world won’t help. You won’t reach your goals, because no amount of exercise beats a bad diet. It’s the truth and that’s the first of my health tips! Make sure you implement a lifestyle change with what you’re eating in a manageable and sustainable way.

I’m a huge fan of tracking what I eat and highly recommend it as you make a lifestyle change. I know what you’re thinking, calorie counting… ugh no. But it’s a great habit, especially if you want to see some true results in your health and fitness. You need to understand what you’re eating. When you’re eating right you’re going to feel so much better! It’s also going to fuel your fitness goals.

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I love to use Myfitnesspal for tracking both my diet and exercise. I recommend using it at least for a month to understand what you’re eating and see the progress you are making towards those fitness goals. It’s a great tool to use when you’re eating out too. The app constantly updates and has so many meals in there from restaurants! It’s really a great way to know what you’re eating, especially if you’re not a cook. You can still eat out and eat pre-made meals that are healthy!


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Once you’ve got what you’re eating under control, don’t forget about what you’re drinking. A few years ago I gave up soda and sugar drinks. I definitely believe this is best for everyone, but it’s a personal choice. Try just drinking water, black coffee, and or tea for a week. You’ll be amazed how great you feel. I found that since I eliminated other drinks I no longer crave them or want them at all. I honestly find them way to sweet now. Beverages may be ruining your healthy lifestyle and you don’t even know it. Not drinking them works for me, so give it a try for one week to start. Then if you still want to indulge in those type of drinks, just have one. It’s easy to over indulge!

To really achieve your fitness goals, be completely realistic with them. If it’s a New Years resolution you’re working on, then you haven’t been at it for too long. Do you need to adjust your goal or set a smaller interim goal? Its okay, because you’re going to have your ups and downs. Make sure that you’re being realistic with your goals. Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate what you set at the beginning of the year. Take a good hard look at where you are at. If you reached your goals for January, great! WOO! If you didn’t, then don’t worry about it. Ask yourself why you didn’t. What can you do to change that? I find scheduling my workouts into my day makes it so easy to keep up with them, as well as helps to expand my fitness goals. It has kept me honest with myself so far this year, which is the easiest way to reach your goals!


The secret that most people don’t realize and the biggest of my health tips is also very basic. Be aware of what you’re eating, drinking, and when you’re working out. Be honest with yourself about all three things. It will to keep you happy and healthy and on track to crush those goals! It’s also a great way to avoid constant dieting by changing your lifestyle!



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