The Power of Circuit Training!


My daily workouts used to consist of running and that was it. I’d add in yoga a few times a week, but my body craved something more. Over the last year I created a circuit training schedule to accompany my daily running. Wow! I’ve added in circuit training at least three times a week and can already see its power. There is real power in circuit training!

I’m currently in love with finding different circuits on Pinterest. Its fitness section is wonderful and chock full of amazing circuit training routines. Currently I’m loving the “20 Minute Flat – Belly Workout.” It’s basically an interval circuit that mixes weights and jump rope (check it out here). Why is it so wonderful? You do every exercise for one minute and each exercise you do twice. Short and sweet but definitely challenging! I use my Gym Boss interval timer and set it for a minute with 10 reps. This ensures I don’t stop between my first round and second round. I also know that it will take me EXACTLY twenty minutes. Time is key for me. I already like to run for 40-60 minutes in the morning, so adding an extra twenty minute workout is icing on the cake! Even though I’ve only been doing this bad boy for two weeks, I’m already noticing a difference in my abs and a tone in my belly. Woo!


The best part about circuit training is its full body effect. While the above circuit is geared towards your abs, the weights add a nice full-body workout aspect. I feel it in my arms and my legs, not just my core. As long as you aren’t doing just straight crunches, ab routines are normally working other body parts too. SCORE!

There are two other circuits I’m currently swooning over. I do them on the same day, back to back, and always feel great! The first is from Woman’s Health and it’s dubbed “4 Moves for Insanely Toned Abs (#NoFilter).” This bad boy is a core workout, but like before you use weights. So while you’re focusing on your abs and central stability, you also get nice tone to your arms and legs. Bonus! I do three sets of this awesome workout. It’s super approachable after a run or a cardio session and I like to do a quick arm circuit, the Sexy Summer Arms workout, after so I feel like I’ve worked my entire body!

Sexy Summer Arms

Once I found the “Sexy Summer Arms workout” it instantly became a staple of mine. I do this circuit after the “4 Moves” circuit above and feel wonderful. It’s all about your arms, but in that good lady way! I do it twice a week and can’t wait to finally get my arms toned for summer. I love how approachable this circuit is. As I get stronger I will definitely add a third set!

There are two other circuit training workouts I highly recommend. The first one is a “Sculpt Session” for your abs, thighs, and butt. This one takes longer than the twenty minutes it says, but if you have the time it’s totally worth it. The exercises are great and I was definitely sore the day after. I plan on adding it on a regular basis!

Sclupt Session-AbsThighsbutt

The second is called “Melt Fat, Build Muscle” or Dumbbell Blast. This bad boy is actually a blast and I always feel awesome doing it! It’s definitely the longest of the workouts I’ve mentioned, but don’t let that deter you. Now knowing the power of circuit training, how great the full body workout feels, it’s worth adding in on a regular basis. It took me about forty minutes the first time, but I think I could trim it down to thirty after a few times through.

Circuits are AMAZING to add into your daily workouts. Even though I’ve only been working them in consistently the last few months, I’m already noticing a major difference. I’m feeling stronger and damn, I’ve been a lot hungrier than normal!

Start circuit training people! Try out some of the ones I spotlighted, or go find new ones on Pinterest. Just make sure you send them my way too! Check out my personal Pinterest page and follow my fitness board for tons more great workout ideas. Remember, shaking up your workouts is key, so believe in the power of circuits.



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