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Poker Face Episode 3 and 4 solidifies that Charlie is a clever girl. The structure of this show is a bit funny so I definitely wasn’t sure how the intrigue and freshness would last. After these two episodes they definitely have their formula figured out well.



Power Face Episode 3 is a game of cat and mouse. Charlie is in Texas and a dog “befriends” her. The dog leads her to a barbecue joint where the dog eats a bunch of meat. Here she meets George, Mandy, and Taffy. George and Taffy are brothers. Mandy is married to George. George has a revelation that he wants to be vegan and not BBQ meat anymore.


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It’s at the barbecue joint where Charlie hones her skills. She bonds with George and learns about his process. She works there because she owes Taffy “money” for what the dog ate. The guest stars are awesome and really on point.

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Poker Face Episode 3 definitely interesting and fun! Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Episode 3 reaction.


Watch My Reaction To: Poker Face Episode 4


Poker Face episode 2 brings us a game of hide and seek. Charlie needs money and only has four hours to solve this murder. Same set up as the week before, but now with a timer. Charlie definitely craves this human interaction and can’t help but get involved.

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For now, Cliff thinks Charlie’s headed to Los Angeles. I wonder where she is. Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Episode 4 reaction.




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