Poker Face Episode 5 | Secret Spies

Poker Face Episode 5 is all about secret spies. This show definitely keeps getting better and better. The format grew on me and I can see the details and characters that can might make a second appearance.



Power Face Episode 5 is my new favorite one. I have a feeling that I will say this at least one more time throughout season one. I’m not a big procedural fan at all, but I’m really enjoying this show. It’s well thought out and each week she learns something new or more specifically she learns a new style of person she needs to look out for.


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Judith Light and S. Epatha Merkson are fabulous as Joyce and Irene. This works so well to see them in this spy manner and killing that man. When we see Charlie’s side of it, we actually think that they were justified in killing Gabriel. This one is so interesting and fun.

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Poker Face Episode 5 the best one so far!! Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Episode 5 reaction.



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