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So much New TV and Thrillist did a top 28 new shows of 2017. Who has time to watch all 28? This is our top 5 must watch shows!

There are some awesome TV shows out there and the new shows coming out look great! On our list of the 5 must watch shows are Taboo, Riverdale, Powerless, Santa Clarita Diet, and The Deuce. We picked all of these shows because they’re all out of the box!

We’ve already watched the pilot of Taboo. It’s such a great show. It’s takes place in the 1800s, Tom Hardy stars in it, and there is some real intrigue and mystery already! I love a show that you’re not sure where it is going to go. There is a magical element to and no one knows what Tom Hardy’s character was doing in Africa for ten years! The concept is great!

I’m also super excited to watch Powerless. It’s a quirky take on the super hero genre! It’s a comedy about a group of people who work at an insurance company. It’s all about how the super hero actions affect their industry. GENIUS kids! I love the way this sounds and I always love NBC comedies. This show definitely is filling a void! Danny Pudi, aka Abed from Community, stars in this show so that is awesome! We love him! He’s hilarious!

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Find out why we want to see the other shows on our Top 5 Must Watch list! Let us know what’s top on yours!

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