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Our Pregnancy Vlog Week 29! Wow time is flying kids! It’s time to purge your life!

It’s the perfect time to clean out all aspects of your life! I’ve been on a mission to completely purge my whole apartment. I have so much stuff that I know I do not need but I’m guilty of just ignoring my clutter because it’s in closets!

I have so much clothes that I never wear! I’ve already given away three bags of clothes to good will and I still have more to go through! I found receipts from 2005! That’s right 12 year old receipts! I shredded those bad boys! I’ve also tackled my electronics and have been selling the good stuff on Ebay!

I know that if I don’t purge my life now it will be harder once the baby comes! I feel so invigorated and I feel great that I have cleaned out so much stuff.

I still am in the process of purging my life. There are more closets I need to go through, more clothes I need to go through, and more stuff I just need to junk! It’s time for me to harsh and I’m loving it!

I love decluttering my life! It makes me feel so much better and while I know nothing can prepare me having a baby but at least I can somewhat be prepared!

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How did you purge your life before your little one came?
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