Adjusting to Running Injuries: My Running Diary

Injuries are the worst! They’re something I’m always cautious of and never want to experience, but they happen. You need to know how to adjust to running injuries!


Diary of a Running Chick: January 23rd, 2017

I’m usually all about running through pains, running through sickness, and running through injuries. But I also know there are times when adjustments to your run must be made because of injury. If you run outside, it can be tough with an injury. Running outside takes complete motivation and it’s extremely challenging to begin with, especially if your route is not flat. None of my routes are flat at all. They consist of some serious uphill sections, especially at the end. This makes it extra important for me to make the necessary adjustments when injuries happen.

Regardless of your terrain, running injuries happen and you need to adjust. I’ve fallen on runs before and landed on my ankle funny. Then I made an adjustment, needing to walk up the hills at the end. It truly is all about adjusting and slowing down as needed. You don’t want to run on your injury and make it worse! Walking or stopping for ten minutes is always a better long-term decision.

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One adjustment that needs to be considered when injuries linger is taking your run inside. This can be a super bummer if you’re like me and truly love to run outdoors. But taking care of yourself needs to be the most important thing. I know I’m guilty of fighting against this. I love to run so much that it bums me out if I can’t run outside. But I’ve learned to take a step back, realizing that running on the treadmill isn’t so bad. It’s funny because there was a period in my life when I loved the treadmill, but once I switched to running outside it opened up my running world and I loved it! Now if it’s raining or I’m injured I embrace running on the treadmill, even if its my second choice. I know I can run my five miles and feel just as good as if I was running outside.


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Sometimes adjusting your run to injuries means not running at all. This is my least favorite adjustment and the one I truly fear and hate! But sometimes it has to be made kids. It’s the most difficult one to make, but giving your body time to completely heal and rest is a good thing. It will also help you get back out there faster and back to running like you used to. Only you can truly make this decision. The most important thing to remember is that you will eventually be able to get back out there, but when you do you have to put the work back in. It’s going to be hard and challenging all over again, but you will always be able to get back to where you were before!

Adjusting to running injuries is not fun at all! Even worse is when an injury has nothing to do with running, but life happens kids. Focus on caring for yourself so you can get back out there and run! Remind yourself of that. An injury is just temporary, so adjust and make it easy on yourself. Those adjustments are just temporary as well, so there is absolutely no reason to suffer! It’s just silly and always makes things worse.


I’m definitely taking my running day by day during my pregnancy. I’ve had to adjust to running injuries and to life. That’s all I can do! I look forward to freeing runs once the baby comes, but for now I’ll work through these pregnant runs anyway I can!


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