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The wellness shot craze is in full effect and that’s paired with the Juice craze that is definitely still extremely vibrant and interesting to me. It’s why I decided to hop on this wellness shot craze. Dare to try my spicy wellness shot challenge.

Last month, I received a free gift for Pressed Juicery and Kiehl’s Valentine’s Day promotion. One of the gifts was a juice shot so I tried the wellness shot. I was told it’s their most popular one and it consist of lemon, cayenne pepper, and ginger.

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I’ve seen this recipe online and seen the wellness shot other places (like Whole Foods) and its touts of health benefits. Feeling a bit under the weather? This shot can supposedly help your immune system with its concentrated hit of lemon, cayenne pepper, and ginger.

Mandi and Dan love health and fitness!

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My brief takeaway is that I love this spicy wellness shot and felt energized after taking it. I did have a bit of the sniffles when I first started and they are gone. It’s super easy to make, check out my video for the proportions and it’s got a kick!

Ginger is a superfood and has so many medicinal properties. I loved adding this into my daily diet and will continue even though my seven days is over. Make a big batch of this wellness shot and share with me your results!


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