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My Policeman the new Harry Styles film played it way too safe. That’s what our whole review is about. This film, beautifully shot, let me down a bit. There is so much I liked, but also a lot that lacked.


My Policeman, the new Harry Styles film, played it way too safe. I enjoyed the film thought it was beautifully shot, but that’s where my review stands. A very powerful story, but we’ve seen it before so there needs to be even more there.

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I enjoyed Harry Styles in this film and I know all eyes are on him since this is truly his first starring role. The character though is a difficult one and I keep going back and forth of whether it’s his inexperience of and actor to transcend what’s on the page or if it’s the direction of the film. Styles character Tom is repressed so some of the scenes feel like that, but not necessarily in a way that’s interesting to the film.

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The setting on the film is beautiful and I love the way it was shot. I found the flashbacks and present day to be good. I liked that we saw where Tom and Marion relationship went. Both actresses who played young Marion and older Marion were absolutely fabulous. I really enjoyed their portrayal of her and they compliment each other nicely.

There is a lot of good in this film, but I keep coming back to a feeling of wanting more from it. The subject matter is sad. Rubert Everett, plays an older Patrick, is unrecognizable. I really wanted to see more of older Patrick and older Tom.

My Policeman is a tragic look at a doomed romance, but the film completely played it safe. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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