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My 3 fitness changes for success this holiday season! It’s our Fit Mom Buzzchomp video series.


I hate to say it, but the holidays are coming up. This is the time when a lot of people drop their fitness regimen. I get it that it gets busy and working out isn’t always your priority, but it really needs to be. I swear by these 3 easy fitness changes.

My favorite fitness change, well all three of my favorite, but one that is easy to do and accomplish is to set a new goal for now to the end of year. Okay, my running always drop off during in December. I’ve noticed that it’s always my least running month. Now I always travel in December for the holidays and the weather isn’t always as nice as it is in Los Angeles. This year though I’m dedicating myself to run as much as I can in November and the first half of December.

If you say don’t know where a weakness like mine lies just make your goal is something you know you can accomplish. Don’t make it to run 100 miles in a month if you barely run. A great goal to set for yourself is to faithfully workout during the holidays. Make a schedule for yourself and keep it. Start right now before November gets under way.

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I have two more fitness changes that are just as easy as this one. They will completely revolutionize your fitness journey. It’s the small changes that leave to big changes in your fitness life.

Share with me your changes and I will cheer you on.

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