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Snag Five Must Own Christmas Movie Classics on Blu-Ray!

Christmas movie classics

Get ready to binge watch your favorite Christmas movie classics, all on Blu-Ray! I love Christmas movies and these are my must own movies. Christmas films are absolutely fabulous and by owning these, you’re no longer confined to finding them streaming or dealing with commercials!


Get ready for it. Everyone is thinking about Christmas! If you’re like me and you love watching Christmas movies, then these are five films (film series) that must be in your collection. Christmas movie classics in the palm of your hand. Don’t worry about watching them with commercials, or trying to find where they are streaming, or borrowing someone’s password. Blu-Ray is forever.

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Why buy just Home Alone when you can get both Home Alone and Home Alone 2 in a bundle? The same goes for The Santa Clause movies. Don’t just buy the first one, buy all three! Shop happy with BuzzChomp. We are an affiliate for referrals to the items listed below, so you’re helping us deliver great content by helping yourself with great deals.


Must Own Christmas Movie Classics




Home Alone 2-Pack

Home Alone is definitely one of the best Christmas movies of all time. While the sequel is not quite as good, it is still a very sold sequel and excellent Christmas movie. These movies are a STEAL right now!

Buy It: On Amazon for $8.99


A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is a true Christmas movie classic. Sure, if you have cable TV then you can watch all 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS on Christmas day. But there is something to be said about owning this movie and watching it without commercials.

Buy It: On Amazon for $14.99


The Santa Clause Collection

The Santa Clause is of course the best one out of this trilogy, but its a way better value buying all three of these films. I love the first one so much and I always watch all three around the holidays.

Buy It: On Amazon for $17.99


The Holiday

The Holiday is such a great Christmas movie! I love this film so much and watch it every holiday season. It’s cute, fun, and so heartwarming!

Buy It: On Amazon for $10.50


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Christmas is not Christmas without watching this holiday classic. I’ve owned it for years and it’s a must for me. It’s funny, amazing, and truly is a great Christmas movie!

Buy It: On Amazon for $14.99



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