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Everyone lies to Darby and she’s the only one interested in solving this murder! Bill’s secrets will be the ultimate truth that unravels it all. A Murder At The End of the World episode 2.


Andy is a big fat liar and his AI is bent on world domination, but did he murder Bill? Lee is a liar too. Bill is hiding major secrets to get himself murdered, so what’s the truth? Darby races against time to expose it and escape alive. A Murder At The End Of The World episode 2 hits rewind.

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Former lovers Darby and Bill hunted down a serial killer, or so we’re led to believe. They seek to solve the unsolved mysteries of dead people. Now they’re both famous and one of them has been killed… at a secret billionaire’s retreat in Iceland. Is this an elaborate game, or a crime of passion?


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a murder at the end of the world


Something is off about the apparent coincidences taking place. Lee befriended Bill and she just so happens to be Darby’s idol. Is Lee still alive, or some weird AI creation? No one is who they claim to be, so I believe very few will escape Iceland alive.

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A Murder at the End of the World pits one billionaire’s quest for saving the planet against his need for a uniquely fun time. Getting a bunch of geniuses in a room is supposed to be a good thing, but this time it ended up in murder. Keep your comments coming and then check out our video on episode 2.


a murder at the end of the world


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