Patrick Dempsey Top 5 Roles All Time

Patrick Dempsey top 5 roles of all time. This sexiest man alive is having a moment with two new movies out. Thanksgiving and Ferrari both getting buzz. So of course we need a reflection on this man’s very long career. Spanning back to the 1980s to now, these are our favorite top 5 roles of all time!

We got Patrick Dempsey top 5 roles of all time. With two new movies this fall! I want to see Thanksgiving and Ferrari. This guy is having a moment right now and we’re here for it. He’s had such a versatile career. These are our top 5 roles of all time.

Patrick Dempsey Top 5 Roles

Patrick Dempsey really has a lot of variety in his career. Many might not remember him as the man who brought the outbreak to outbreak. He plays this skeevy guy who steals a monkey. Of course he gets infected, and then dies. Let’s not forget his classic 80s movie Can’t Buy Me Love. This is the first movie of his I saw and fell in love with him. He’s absolutely adorable in it.

Say what you will about Valentine’s Day, but he nails the not so cool Doctor. He makes Jennifer Garner his side chick without her knowing. The resurgence of his career thanks to Sweet Home Alabama. I loved him in this film and even though Reese Witherspoon’s character doesn’t want to be with him, you still love him. He’s gracious and just wants the best for her.

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My favorite role of his is Grey’s Anatomy! No one could ever play Dr. Derek Shepherd like him. It’s a bummer they killed him off for whatever went on behind the scenes. Share with me your thoughts? Make sure you check out my review.



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