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Must Have Electronics: Tech Deals Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Some electronics just can’t be missed, so we put together our favorite Tech Deals for one Holiday Buyer’s Guide. Three cameras, a fitness watch and more. Get shopping!


We love this time of year because it’s definitely a shoppers heaven! There are always great sales and it’s a perfect time to upgrade your own personal electronics. But you need tech deals, so we’ve found the best must have electronics in our Holiday Buyer’s Guide. They’re all on Amazon, which means free shipping and great stuff!

We at BuzzChomp are all about electronics that are useful, fun, and about fitness and entertainment! These tech deals are pretty sweet. A We’ve been contemplating getting a fitness watch, and for a while we thought we wanted Fitbits. But now we love these other watch options, because they look more and more like regular watches.

We love cameras too, and all three in our guide are perfect for different reasons. They’re all on sale and a great tech deal! One uses film, one flies, and the other is a cube!

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our unique buyer’s guide! It’s time for our Must Have Electronics: Tech Deals. Get some sweet gear for you and the family!
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Must Have Electronics: Tech Deals


Fuji Instamax ($59.66)
This bad boy is so cool! I love the whole concept of it and I want one! It’s definitely on my list of items to get this holiday season, because I love the throwback to film. The color is super cute and it’s on sale! WOO! That is just the best.


Seagate 4T Portable Hard Drive ($109.99)
Seagate is our go to for hard drives. We use them for all of our work, and this is an AMAZING price for a 4T hard drive. Normally the red one is more expensive too, but right now this bad boy is on sale, so it’s definitely worth a purchase. Especially if you use external hard drives like we do!


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HTC Vive ($599.00)
Virtual reality is all the rage and this bad boy seems AMAZING. I’m so intrigued by virtual reality gear. Plus, I’d love to watch VR television and movies on this device. It’s on sale right now, so if you want to get in on the ground floor, here is your chance!


Garmin Vivomove HR Sport Hybrid Watch ($199.00)
I keep coming back to these fitness watches and monitors, because I love the idea of them. I think they’re great, but I want something fashionable. Right now I wear a big gold watch every day and I love the old school feel of it. This Garmin watch has that old school feel. It has a regular watch face, but it’s a smart watch!


Poloroid Cube Video Camera ($79.99)
Dan and I both have been attracted to this little mini action video camera. It feels like something you can mount and just put up to capture a moment, and if you want to get a “hidden” camera feel to a project, this will work. I love random fun film equipment and this is definitely that.


DJI Spark ($646.16)
Owning and learning how to operate a drone is on my list of musts! DJI puts out some GREAT drones, and this bad boy is on sale. It’s definitely a must to get. If you’re a serious indie filmmaker like Dan and I, then there is no reason not to add this to your arsenal of equipment!



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