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Monday’s Mainstream PinUp

Monday’s Mainstream PinUp- Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010

This weeks Monday’s Mainstream PinUp is from the 2010 Fall/Winter Collection from Louis Vuitton. Back in 2010 on the last day of the Paris Fashion season, Marc Jacobs showed a collection that pulled its influence straight out of the 1950’s. Wasp waists, circle skirts, high bouncy pony tails, clean make up and petticoats ruled the runway! The look was young and fresh… and over 50 years old. Jacobs did an amazing job making an old look new again, and these styles could easily be worn on the street.

It was not what people in the fashion industry at the time were used to. There wasn’t a micro mini or 95 pound waif in site. The skirts didn’t show a hint of knee; all were full, graceful and down to mid-calf or the floor, accessorized with elbow-length gloves, bow-trimmed shoes with crystal-stack heels, and the new, neat “Speedy” handbag. It was beyond words in its glamor, elegance, and beauty. With ladylike functionality implemented into each design.

This collection is the perfect example of how you can have a classic, vintage, pin up look without looking like you are wearing a costume. The fabrics are current while the cuts stay classic.



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