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How to be Zen in 9 steps! It’s time to embrace meditation! This is step 5 and the hardest one for us. Part of our BuzzChomp motivation series.


I love to mediate, but it is definitely extremely tough for me to shut myself off from the world. That’s why I constantly come back to these 9 steps. They are essential and meditation is key. That’s why it is step 5.

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I always figure that these steps are a work in progress. Throughout this whole compilation I’m always working on all of them. Steps 1-4 are priming you to meditate. A big thing for me is to ease my way into meditation. I can’t just go and meditate for 30 minutes. I start with 5.

Really just taking 10 minutes a day to meditate is great! It really helps me put my day in perspective and just take some much needed me time!



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Be Zen in 9 Steps!
How to be Zen in 9 Steps Photo credits to: Yours Truly & mundobuda.com

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