Avoid the Doctor’s Office with Online Medical Counseling

Everyone wants more time, especially new moms. But some things require our attention, like the health of our children and ourselves. Online medical counseling is the perfect solution!


Everyone tries to prepare you for life after having a baby. While that preparation is imperative to finding balance once your baby comes, I realized that I also needed to make time for myself. I needed to balance my health and my babies health together. Working from home, while amazing, gave me no real break between having my baby, recouping, and jumping back into working. I was lucky to have access to online medical counseling. It saved me time and helped me find more personal balance!

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Prior to having a baby, I never thought about using online medical counseling. The hospital in which I delivered invited me to be apart of it. What a life saver! I was able to take the moments I needed and use the online service as a way to check on how I was doing, not just on how my daughter was doing.


The Benefits of Online Medical Counseling

When becoming a mother, we are all expected to just silently adjust to that new life. For me, I dove right into taking care of my baby. I tried to make sure I was in tune with how I was feeling, but I had a new baby who wanted to constantly breastfeed, sleep on me, and be held. Self care was hard.

Thankfully, I had access to my hospital’s online counseling service. I thought they were just making sure that I physically felt well after giving birth, but more importantly, they were ensuring I was mentally and emotionally well. If I felt like I was falling into a postpartum depression, the online service was there for me!

Having that online resource was amazing. It helped me recognize how I felt and that I needed to make sure I had balance between my baby and myself. My life completely changed in a moment, but it was okay to take some “me time.” Being able to check in on myself really helped me come to terms with my feelings.

How Does it Work?

In this modern age, even if your hospital or doctor doesn’t offer online counseling, there are some amazing sites that do. I always have an online medical counseling service in my back pocket, in case I feel overwhelmed and need to talk to someone. Because I was able to talk to someone during the first month of my postpartum journey, I know firsthand the benefits of it and how crucial it is to get an outside perspective on our lives.

Life moves so fast and we have many outside pressures. As we get older and build our families, it can be easy to let our mental health slide. There is always an excuse as to why we can’t take care of ourselves, but if our babies have a slight cold, we rush them to the doctor. If we’re able to treat ourselves like we treat our babies, we’d all be so much happier.

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Knowing that we all have access to online medical counseling that is both affordable and flexible is the first step towards taking care of you. This is something that I’m cognizant of and will continue to be. It’s great to get an outside perspective to help us come to terms with what is bothering us.

Remember that stress is a silent killer and being mentally present, focused, and happy wards off so many ailments. I always check in with my physical and mental self to make sure that I’m being honest with myself and making myself happy. Now is the perfect time to do a little self-care check and make sure that you’re being honest with yourself too. In this wonderful digital age, someone to talk to is just a click away.



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