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It’s the biggest holiday, but is it too big? The Evolution of Christmas is truly insane, so enjoy this tale in all its glory. I mean f*ck you, its Christmas after all!


The Evolution of Christmas is complete! Set to the classic Christmas story, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’ our tale embarks on the evolution of Christmas. What began as one day became 12, then 25, and now 60 full days of merry and white. Oh, the insanity! But as the saying goes, f*ck you its Christmas!

The lights all go up when Halloween ends, but f*ck you its Christmas, my friends. What will become of our most beloved holiday? Can Santa Claus save us from the early onslaught of cheer? It’s not Christmas until December twenty five, no matter how early you wish it to arrive. Enjoy our story, a tale destined to become a classic. Ho, ho, ho and a very Merry Christmas to you!

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There are no limits when it comes to celebrating Santa’s holiday of job, but how early is too early? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving, or start hanging lights once pumpkins are carved? Blast that holiday music and let the evolution of Christmas commence!

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