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The Mandalorian season 2 ep 3 reaction is here and we’ve got a religious fanatic on our hands. This episode packed some great action moments as well as gave insight into who Mando is and where he stands in the Mandalorian world. He’s a religious fanatic!


The Mandalorian season 2 ep 3, The Heiress, dropped bombs! They were great bombs and our reaction video deals with just that. Mando finally unites with some other Mandalorians. Of course they are not as expected and give Mando a lot to ponder. Make sure you check out our full ep 3 reaction video.


Mando and baby Yoda reunite the Frog Lady with her Frog hubby. Yay and I figured they’d make it to Trask and that the Frog Lady would be able to have little baby frogs! Yay to that reunion and the species will live on. Baby Yoda redeemed himself by getting very attached to the little baby frog when it hatched!

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Mando finally unites with other Mandalorians, but it took Mando got caught in the trap. That’s right the Frog Lady’s hubby hooked Mando up with a Quarren fishing boat, but again they only wanted Mando’s armor and it was a trap!

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Just when Mando and baby Yoda are trapped new Mandalorians show up to rescue them! Enter Bo-Katan who rescues Mando not once, but twice and Mando is completely guarded because Bo-Katan and her people take their helmets off! This is where Bo-Katan drops some major knowledge on Mando that he is a child of the watch and a religious fanatic. Most Mandos do take their helmet off!

The Mandalorian season 2 ep 3 gave Mando a lot to process, redeemed baby Yoda and finally introduced us to more Mandalorian. Make sure you check out our full video and share with me your own theories!

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