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Lovecraft Country gave us a fabulous episode 2 filled with tons of secret magic! This show already sucked me into the world and is so creative! Our episode 2 reaction dives into all that secret magic and so much more!


Lovecraft Country episode two titled “Whitey On The Moon” had fabulous, creepy, revealing, and sad moments. Tic unleashed his own secret magic in this episode as well as secured his own vengeance for the rest of the season. Make sure you watch our full episode 2 reaction video!


There are so many great story elements, moments, and clues to what lies ahead of us in this second episode of Lovecraft Country! First R.I.P Uncle George or is he Daddy George? That was definitely a shocker. Uncle George is a great character and Courtney B. Vance is a fabulous actor. His death though definitely serves as motivation, vengeance, and guilt for Tic that will drive him through the rest of this season.

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Tic’s magic is UNLEASHED this episode! I called it secret magic because he didn’t know he had it. He knows the magic is around him. Especially when Uncle George and Leti can’t remember what happened to them the night before.

We see that not only does Samuel, the now dead leader of this chapters Sons of Adam, have magic. He heals Leti, tries to open the Garden of Eden, and controls what Leti, Uncle George, and Tic see, BUT his daughter, Christina, also can use magic. Now Tic needs to come to terms with his own powers as the wizard that he is.

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Lovecraft Country dives into another horror genre with the exploration of the magical powers of the Sons of Adam as well as Tic discovering his own. Tic is a descendant of one of the most powerful Sons of Adam as well as the escaped slave Hannah who definitely has her own powers. He has to harness his own magic as this season progresses.

This episode is jammed packed with so much great detail. I didn’t touch on nearly as much as I could in my video reaction. Tics magic is just another building block of this world. The vampire like creatures we see are controlled through that whistle. They are also birthed through cows and see Christina help with the birth of one.

Even though the lodge, once again is destroyed through one of its members trying to open the door to the Garden of Eden doesn’t mean that the Sons of Adam are done with Tic. Christina, even though she is a woman, definitely has the powers of the Sons of Adam and will be a major force, whether she’s “good or evil” is not entirely evident yet.

Lovecraft Country episode 2 is just as good as episode 1 and takes us deeper into this mysterious world! The secret magic is unleashed and more creatures, ghosts, and demons will be coming for Tic and his friends! Make sure you watch our full Lovecraft Country episode 2 reaction video.


Lovecraft Country Episode 2

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