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How is Donald Trump so great at telling lies? Learn how he does it in three simple steps, from Scientist Dan and his sexy assistant. Learning is funny!


Donald Trump is the BEST damn liar the human race has to offer, but how does he do it? Scientist Dan teaches you how to lie like the former host of ‘The Apprentice’ in three simple steps, so get your pencils sharpened. Are you ready?

Telling lies like our 45th president is easier than you think. Step one, state your lie like it’s a bonafide fact. Step two, belittle your audience. Then in step three, never ever ever ever ever admit to your lie. Simply keep lying! There you have it, the science behind telling lies like Donald Trump.

What’s better than political parody? Putting it to the test in our ‘lab’ of course! You don’t have to actually lie to appreciate how one accomplishes the feat. It’s the best kind of science, because it’s happening in real life!

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Your favorite way to learn is from a wacky scientist and his dimwitted helper, so dive into the lab on Pillow Talk TV and educate. Learning is fun, because Donald Trump and Science are amazing!

Scientist Dan teaches with comedy, so screw it! Laugh and enjoy as he turns science on its head. Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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