Let Us Entertain You – A New Way to Fly

In-flight entertainment has certainly gone through some major improvements in the past years. Before you’d have to make do with a book, some music and a movie projected to a single screen at the front of the plane. Nowadays you seldom see a plane interior without individual TV screens, loaded with a wild selection of movies, TV shows and all the music you can handle.

But there’s always more. Norwegian Air Shuttle, along with their in flight magazine provider Ink, is getting ready to launch a whole new in-flight experience, pushing it more into the digital era. Passengers will have convenient access to a whole array of content through the carrier’s in-flight Wi-Fi network, including newspapers, videos, music and more using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. While most carriers rely on offline services for their entertainment system, Norwegian’s will connect directly to its Wi-Fi which will be accessible even at 30,000 feet or more. This will also make it easier to offer location based-content, travel recommendations according to destination, and will also offer passengers a chance to leave feedback.

Of course what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. There’s plenty of ad space to sell, generating revenue for Norwegian, allowing for more improvements and perks for passengers. They’re planning for an initial portal launch in January, followed by additional services throughout the year. You’re already thinking “That sounds great, but there’s no way I’m paying $15+ on top of all the air travel fees!” Well, you’re in luck: the service will be free. Yup, you read me right! Now those long flights will really seem like a breeze!

And let’s not forget about those who prefer to travel a bit closer to the ground. A similar service is already in the works for Eurostar train service linking Paris, London and Brussels among other destinations.


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