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Everyone has a running cycle and I know that I tend to hold on to mine. This is why it is so important to let go of your cycle. Break it and you’ll achieve running success even faster.


My Running Diary: April 8th, 2018

It takes patience and time to break yourself of your running cycle. That is why you need to let go of your cycle immediately. Letting go will allow you to achieve the success you are working so hard for. It’s truly the best way you can become free of ruts, monotony, and other detrimental habits we form by doing the same thing over and over.

Often times we hold on to our running cycle because it’s easy to simply continue it. The first step towards letting go and breaking it is to make sure you know what your cycle is. Like so many things in life, we can put ourselves on autopilot and not even truly experience something. I took a hard look at how I run and figured out my cycle pretty easily. I tend to run hard for a period of time, then back off a bit and have to work my way back up to where I was and then repeat. This cycle gets so physically and mentally draining, which is why I’ve been working toward just maintaining my running pace.

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The funny part is that breaking your running cycle is as simple as being present. You commit to your run and let it just be, experiencing this one day and not the day before it or the next day. You run like it’s all there is, because it might be. The moment we say to ourselves “tomorrow I should run this…” is when we need to say stop, and come back to our current run. When that happens to me I’m not present and once I start doing that, I’m feeding into my old cycle.

It’s so much fun when you let go of your running cycle. This helped me to stop judging my runs and to stop judging myself if I didn’t run. We have to honor how we’re feeling in the current moment, not how we felt when we did this previously or how we wish we felt. Doing that does nothing for us and it actually brings us down. It doesn’t matter how I ran in 2016 or 2015. It matters how I run today.


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Once I experienced letting go of my run cycle, I realized just how easy it is to do it. I always do better and have more fun when I don’t put pressure on myself. If I can have the confidence in myself to just go do it, it always feels effortless. Letting go allowed me to embrace each run for what it is. I love that so much and it invigorates my daily run.

I find that when I take a day off or have to take time off from running, I always miss it and I always want to come back to it. That is because I’ve always let it be fun. I don’t have to race anyone, I don’t have to compare myself to others like me, and more importantly I don’t even want to compare myself to myself.

Let go of your run cycle because it truly is the best thing you can do for your runs. This is how I was able to come back to running so effortlessly after having a baby. It has made me love every run that I am able to do.


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