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The Walking Dead Season 8 comes to a close this Sunday and it’s the final showdown. Part of our BuzzChomp video series.


I’ve had such mixed emotions over The Walking Dead Season 8 and it has to do with the direction the show took, but it look like the war with Negan will be over this season. The season 8 finale will be the final showdown and I am definitely looking forward to saying goodbye to this war.

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It definitely looks like The Walking Dead will follow the comics with not killing Negan. This past episode we finally saw and heard the letters that Carl wrote to Rick and Negan. Carl wanted the war to end and for Rick to be the bigger person, but Rick has had such vengeance in his heart. Everyone has had such vengeance for Negan and of course it’s rightfully so.

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This isn’t a far fetched prediction, but it looks like Aaron and the all lady group will come in to save everyone at the end. Dwight was setup by Negan so that means Rick and Co are falling into a trap. Someone Rick and Co will become victorious, but I definitely think these ladies will avenge their men by stopping Negan and the sanctuary.

Where should The Walking Dead go from here? They should figure out an end game for themselves. I suggest closing out the series with two more seasons. This way will have a complete plan on how The Walking Dead will end. How do you all think it should end?




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