Killer 30 Day Legs Challenge! Bad Ass Booty Workout

I just completed a killer 30 day legs challenge. This is my first challenge since giving birth and seriously I was so happy it was a leg challenge! It’s amazing and a must try!


Originally my hubby and I started this legs challenge the night I went into labor. I thought I’d have over a week left of my pregnancy and I figured I’d end up doing half the challenge with him. I wanted something strenuous that focused on my lower body.

This legs challenge met my expectations and then some! We ended up restarting the fitness challenge since I legit went into labor a few hours after first starting it. A week after giving birth I decided it was time to restart the challenge. It begins pretty intense with 50 squats, 50 lunges, and 50 calf raises on day one. It goes up by 10 every day and you rest on every fourth day. Then you repeat the amount you did the day before your rest and keep going. I love the simplicity of this challenge. I really didn’t have to consult the challenge chart at all!

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I also love the repetition of the challenge. Having the day after your rest as a repeat makes the amount of squats, lunges, and calf raises extremely manageable. You work your way up to 200 reps of all three exercises by the final day of this challenge. That is hard and definitely intense on your legs!

For me, this challenge kept my legs feeling strong after giving birth. I stopped running once the baby came and only just recently got back into it. I live in an extremely hilly area, but continuing to work my legs has made getting back into my runs great! I haven’t felt any extreme soreness in my legs which is great!


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My big advice for anyone thinking about doing this legs challenge is to just go for it! Don’t let the numbers discourage you. I actually found the beginning to be very hard, but your legs get used to it quickly. I would also say to power through it and not break the reps up into sets. Trust me, by starting out at 50 you’re shocking your body, but your stamina for squats, lunges, and calf raises will go up so quickly! Don’t get me wrong, it will still feel intense the more you get into it, but it’s such a satisfying intensity.

This is a fitness challenge for all! If you haven’t done a ton of challenges, don’t worry, because this legs challenge is very approachable. Remember to go slow and to adjust the depth of your squats and your lunges. If the calf raises feel intense, by all means break them up, but I’d say try to do the majority of them and then rest for a moment and then power through the rest. This will really help your calfs gain strength, and by the end you’ll be able to withstand them and do all of them without stopping.

This legs challenge is killer! It truly made my body feel so great and I’m glad I was able to work my legs and keep them strong. It was the best thing I did for my body after giving birth! I’m so glad I added it and it feels great to have accomplished it!

Next month we’re getting back to doing abs! It’s been months since I’ve done a 30 day challenge that focused on your core! Bring it on.




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