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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is heating up. It’s all about AD’s Network.

AD can’t stalk the girls alone! Her endgame can’t even be executed alone. She has a network of people working for her and all of them claim they don’t know who AD is. Well we know that is a lie!

Jenna has been wanting to get the girls for years. She was involved with Charlotte and Elliot! She definitely knows who AD is. Now that she was so close to being caught with Noel Khan she has totally dubbed herself the victim. I don’t believe you Jenna. I know you know who AD is and that they are paying you to get your eyes fixed!

Sydney is another one who’s playing the victim. She claims she only just reconnected with Jenna and doesn’t know who AD is. She just knows AD as an “anonymous donor.” I definitely Sydney is full of it and she’s just lying to the liars!

There has to be more people in AD’s networks! Could one of them be Lucas? I definitely think it’s a possibility. I can’t wrap my head around why he has been so generous to Hannah! How about Alison? What’s really going on with her? Why is she always going out of town? I don’t buy Emily’s story and I’m not even sure it’s to deal with her pregnancy.

Who else can be in AD’s network? Let us know your thoughts.

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