Kidnapped by Aliens | Part 2 Tiny Alien Abduction

You’ve been kidnapped by aliens who only want one thing! Will you submit to be its pet, or dispute the claim upon you? Wits or strength? Choose!


After getting abducted, poor Sebastian is kidnapped by aliens. One super tiny alien to be specific, hell bent on making him his pet and providing the customary sexual experience a human expects. What happens if you deny the claim of your tiny alien captor? Wits or strength. You must choose.

Part one was the tiny alien’s arrival. Part two is the kidnapping. What will happen in part three? Will Sebastian escape, disappear, or worse? Aliens are unpredictable. Perhaps a kidnapping isn’t so bad.

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Aliens are no joke, but this super tiny alien abduction feels a little different. That’s why Sebastian is so gun shy. Can he trust this new alien invader? There’s no telling what it might do to you know what.

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kidnapped by aliens


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