How To Keep Athletic Gear Clean and Why

Fitness and sweat go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean your hygiene takes a back seat. Its pretty easy to keep athletic gear clean, but the how and why often escape us. Josh Wintermantel, CEO of Hype Socks, has the answers for you in one amazing infographic.

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Sweat is one sign of a good workout, and many athletes might tell you that they wear the sweat and dirt after their workouts like a badge of honor. Yet even though you might be proud of your sweaty, dirty workout gear, there are plenty of good reasons why you shouldn’t want to keep it that way.

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Not only can sweaty gym clothes make you much less popular with the person next to you on the treadmills, but they can put you at risk for a lot of other problems that go beyond mere social discomfort. Failing to clean your workout gear properly can expose you to infections, as well as rashes and other skin irritations. That’s why I’ve put together a killer infographic that captures how to keep athletic gear clean, and why!

There’s more to keeping your athletic gear clean than simply tossing everything in the washing machine the same way you do your towels and underwear. Today’s modern workout clothing typically is made from sophisticated synthetic fibers that require special care. Otherwise, the heat and stress of a normal wash cycle could leave you with workout gear that doesn’t fit or perform as well as it should.

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If you’re concerned about how to keep athletic gear clean and in good shape, take a look at the accompanying checklist. It contains the details you need to know about keeping your gear clean.


This infographic was created by Hype Socks



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Keep Athletic Gear Clean Infographic by HypeSocks.com

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