I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 6 | Killers Revealed

I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 6 the killers are revealed. There have been some twist in this show, but really we’ve had one key person who everyone thinks is the killer and after episode 6 that is confirmed! There is also a bonus killer a la Scream! I do not see how this show twists out of this revelation.


I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 6 ended the slow burn of this series. The killers are revealed and I don’t see how they twist it. One detail I can see added is that Allison/Lennon’s mom has something to do with the murderers. But with the twist revealed that she’s alive, I can see her coming back to take down Clara! Make sure you watch our full reaction video.


The ending of episode 6 gave us Clara dragging in Riley’s body, Dylan in the honey cult cave and Clara telling him the tides coming in. Clara and Dylan are def cohorts in this whole thing. They are both two scorned lovers. Clara by Bruce. Dylan by Allison/Lennon.

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Dylan acts like he’s upset by this whole thing on the cliffs. He throws his phone, he had searched with Allison to find Riley. BUT there is a blank expression when Clara brings Riley in. Dylan is the one who hit Riley with his truck, stabbed her, and cut off her arm. The trucks look identical.

Clara is a creep and been one this whole show. After episode 5, I thought we got the twist of saying it was Clara then killing her off. BUT it was Riley we heard breathing. It’s funny because when I first watched the episode I thought it was Riley, but then I second guessed myself thinking Clara was a red herring. She is not.

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There is a clip I saw of this show in one of the trailers with Margot in her bedroom and there is a hoodie figure. So far in the 6 episodes the only hoodie figure we’ve seen creeping around is Dylan. In this episode, he scared Courtney wearing his hoodie when Courtney looks for Riley at Dylan’s.

I am bummed that Riley got killed. I truly enjoyed her character and really felt like she was the only redeeming person. Yes, she sold drugs, but it was obvious from the start she had a thing for Dylan. Even if she told him “it was just sex.” It’s never just sex.

I Know What You Did Last Summer episode 6 gave us some shocking details. The killers are revealed. Bruce’s secret is out there. Allison/Lennon opened the door to her mother. RIP Riley and Courtney. Share with me what you think of this show! Make sure you watch our full reaction video.


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