Hurricane Sandy Takes the Music Business by Storm

Hurricane Sandy blew into the Northeast earlier this week – wreaked havoc (and wrecked) a bunch of American lives from Virginia to New England.

Now, I’m not gonna’ get all preach-y on you regarding climate change or global warming, but it did get me thinking about all the songs I’ve heard over the years that had references to storms, rain, wind and the like.

I wonder why so many artists feel the need to write songs about this subject? So, it got me thinking even further…and the only thing I can attribute this to is that a musician’s life is full of tumult. They are always in a state of flux and usually very unpredictable (sort of like Mother Nature herself). So, after they have used up all the metaphors about young love, being down on their luck, hating their job and loving their truck… I guess they’ve only got Mother Nature left to kick around!

Some Storms Last Longer Then You think.

Taking a look outside today and seeing all the devastation Hurricane Sandy (or Frankenstorm-as she is affectionately now known) left in her wake, has surely left an indefinable mark on us all (just like some of these songs listed below). The storms may have passed (along with some of these artists’ lives) yet the memory-the artists and these songs-leave behind are sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but definitely memorable!

How many more like these can you name?

Leave a comment below and I’ll reply back with my thoughts. (Come on, you can name at least one or two I may have missed can’t you?).
• Rock you like a Hurricane-The Scorpions
• Blowin’ in the Wind-Bob Dylan
• Storm Front-Billy Joel
• Stormy Monday-(I prefer BB King’s version) although everyone’s got their favorite.
• Couldn’t Stand the Weather-Stevie Ray Vaughn
• Who’ll Stop the Rain-CCR
• Like a Hurricane-Neil Young
• Riders on the Storm-The Doors
• Windy-The Association

Be well my storm chasers…’til next time…

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