How to Make Pumpkin Spice: Perfect Add turns Anything into Fall!

Learn how to make pumpkin spice and turn anything into fall! It’s the perfect add to cookies, cakes, pies and so much more. I love having my own container of pumpkin spice at home. You can add it to anything.


Pumpkin Spice is amazing and making your own is key. That way you always have it on hand. Learning how to make pumpkin spice is so easy, and if you have a spice rack, then you probably have all of these ingredients already! Sure, you can go and buy pumpkin spice at Trader Joe’s. But you don’t need to and you’re paying extra for packaging, as well as the gas to get there! If you have cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and ground cloves, then you are ready to make your own homemade Pumpkin Spice.

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If you’ve done any sort of baking before, then you definitely have all of these ingredients. The best part is that when you make a pumpkin pie, cheesecake, bread, or cookies, the recipe normally doesn’t call for more than a teaspoon or two of this seasoning. Old school recipes for pumpkin pie breakdown the spice into the individual ingredients, while new ones list it on its own.



3 tbsp Cinnamon
2 tsp ginger
2 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp ground gloves
1 tsp allspice

Mix it all together and transfer to an airtight container.



It is that easy to make pumpkin spice. You don’t have to go out and buy it. Mind you, most stores only have it around this time of year anyhow. Now I know what you’re saying, this makes a lot of pumpkin pie spice. But it’s amazing and has so many uses, so don’t skimp!

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Transform your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe into pumpkin spiced chocolate chip cookies. Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie, so you know I will be using my homemade spice for that as well.

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I love using my spice to make homemade pumpkin spice lattes. I used to be a latte fiend! Once the fall came around, I took every opportunity to drink as many pumpkin spice lattes as I could. Those babies are loaded with sugar, so I had to change things up. What I realized is that I can make my own even better. Mix a teaspoon of spice into your latte and boom, it’s amazing. Spoiler alert, all those coffee shops use a pumpkin spice mix anyways.

Homemade pumpkin spice is a must in your spice cabinet. Put a new spin on any classic cookie, cake, and bread recipe. Remember to make a lot, because you’ll be super bummed when you use up all of your homemade pumpkin spice.



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