How To Love Running In 4 Easy Steps

I love running. Just go look at my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram and it’s obvious that I love to run. Its my favorite form of exercise and the only way I truly want to start my day! Most people don’t feel the same way, but I know everyone can learn to love running! There is no big secret, just four easy steps to love to run.


Diary of a Running Chick: July 24th, 2017

Give yourself time. This one is extremely important. Loving to run doesn’t happen over night. To be honest, it takes a lot of time. It took me one summer, the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of High School. I wanted to make the varsity field hockey team, so I got up every morning at 6 AM to run with the varsity team. At first I hated it. I convinced a friend to come with me, but only if she was going to get up every day. The two of us motivated one another to always go. For a while we only talked to one another. Then soon we talked to more people, so it didn’t matter if she didn’t show up or vice versa. By the end of that summer I learned how to love to run.

Let go of your expectations! This is key to love running. Depending on your fitness level, it might take a lot longer than you think. You might get a bit discouraged, but trust me, don’t! It might take a month, a couple of months, or almost a year. It truly depends on you and how much your body fights it. If you let go of your expectations and just let yourself run, you will truly enjoy it. You will love to run. This is definitely one of the most important things to implement to learn how to love to run.

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Switch up your routine! I’ve talked a lot about setting a routine to get in your runs and that is extremely important. Once you master that, you can learn to switch up your routine. This doesn’t always mean time of day, but your length, the type of run, where you run, and who you run with. Right now I run by myself, sort of. It’s me pushing a stroller. That was a big switch to my routine, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my running. Honestly, I’m so glad that I haven’t sacrificed. It is extremely satisfying to finish running with my baby in tow! When I run with my man though, I know that he’ll push the stroller and that is liberating! It is a great way to switch up my routine.


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Change up your route! This is definitely the most important one. I’d say master the route you’re currently running first. Master it and be okay with changing it. I personally like to have one route that has ten or more different ways to run it. There is a stretch of my route that is always the same, and sometimes it’s the main portion of my route and sometimes it’s just a piece of the puzzle. This gives me a lot of variety. It also helps me to have pieces to master, new goals to accomplish, and old favorites to return to. Being able to change up your route is your go-to when you learn how to love to run.


Make sure you know that loving to run doesn’t happen overnight. You need to put in the time, especially since you need stamina, you need to be conditioned, and you need to have a routine to truly learn how to love to run. Pace yourself kids! If you can stay focused, you’ll learn how to love running! Trust me.


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