How to Get Fit Cycling (and Stay Safe)

get fit cycling

Getting fit and feeling great is harder lately, meaning fitness alternatives are going old school. Get fit cycling with our expert insight, as well as stay safe doing so. Ride on.


Right now, a lot of us are searching for fitness alternatives because we’re unable to go to the gym or classes as much as we’d like. For a lot of people, this means heading outside and exercising the old-fashioned way, by riding a bicycle. This is both a fun and approachable type of fitness, but if you hadn’t previously been very interested in bike riding, you may feel a bit lost. What are the best ways to get fit cycling? Not all bikes are created equal, and in addition, not all bicycle riding techniques are going to get you fit efficiently.

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Where should you begin when rolling your bike outdoors? If you aren’t careful, you could very well end up being more at risk of hurting yourself than you are likely to get fit. That’s why we’re exploring the best ways to get fit cycling, as well as how to ride safely. There is no point in riding a bicycle if you aren’t going to do it correctly. Furthermore, there is certainly no point in riding your bike if you aren’t going to do it effectively. Yet pushing yourself to the point of injury isn’t any good either. With that in mind, here’s your crash (or rather, a crash-avoidant) course on bike riding and fitness.


How Do I Get Fit Cycling?

You probably already know the basics of riding a bicycle if you’re reading this article. But there are things that you can do to increase your skill and fitness as a cyclist. For one thing, you should make sure that you’re riding a bicycle that is meant for the terrain you want to ride on. Don’t use a mountain bike in the streets, and you shouldn’t take your regular suburban bike out to the wilderness. You can also ensure that your bike is equipped to help you increase your fitness. In most cases, this means adjusting the level of resistance that you’re riding against. Some bikes even measure your actual speed as you’re riding. If that’s the case, examine your average speed as you ride and work to increase it by at least an additional mile per hour.

Additionally, make sure that you’re comfortable when cycling. Yes, there is some truth to the old adage of “no pain, no gain”. You will likely be in some degree of pain when you’re cycling. But the reality is that you shouldn’t be uncomfortable to the point that you can’t ride. Your bicycle seat will be your best friend or worst enemy. Make sure that it’s properly cushioned so that you can focus on riding.

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You should also create a schedule for your rides, because creating a habit ensures long term success. There is no need for you to commit to an exact time limit for your rides, yet you need some degree of consistency. This consistency will allow you to begin building up your strength and fitness more effectively. Part of this involves setting goals for how much you want to ride in a single day and how many days each week you’ll be on your bike. Is your goal to commute to work, or to build up to a 20-mile trail ride? Ask yourself these questions as you prepare to become a fit and focused cyclist.

Once you set goals, embrace challenging areas in your neighborhood. This means those with lots of hills. While this will make you feel the burn more, it will ultimately be worth it in the long term. Keep in mind that there are so many health benefits to bicycling, and for that matter pushing yourself as you bicycle. You’ll be able to burn calories and lose weight, while at the same time doing cardio that is heart-healthy. In a lot of ways, bicycling is the best and most fun way to do something that’s good for you anyway. But the reality is, there are risks that come with bicycling. You need to make sure that you’re cycling as safely as possible.



How Do I Ensure I’m Cycling Safely?

There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that you’re bicycling as safely as possible. For many of us, this begins with a bicycle helmet. It’s important to remember that when you’re cycling, you’re traveling at fairly high speeds and are elevated off the ground. If you fall, you definitely stand a chance of seriously hurting your head unless you wear a helmet. Some people that are riding at high speeds also love wearing a mouth guard, just in case they fall. While 35% of all adults have well-aligned front teeth, your teeth won’t stand much of a chance if they hit the hard pavement.

Depending on how fast and how seriously you are cycling, elbow and knee pad should also be considered. But in general, keep in mind the fact that you most likely won’t be alone wherever you’re riding. Even if you’re cycling in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, you should cycle as if you’re in the company of others.

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Safety first. Collisions can be fatal to cyclists. Fortunately, you can avoid them by wearing reflectors when you ride. This ensures that drivers are more likely to see you. Don’t just think about cars colliding with you, either. In 2017 alone, there were 5,172 fatal motorcycle crashes. While this was a 3% drop from the previous year, motorcyclists are clearly prone to accidents, and some of those can involve bicyclists.

Are you excited to get fit cycling and embrace something new? Make sure you learn how to properly hand signal to drivers and motorcyclists. Its also important that you understand your local laws regarding bicycling. Never assume that the people around you understand what you’re doing as a cyclist. But at the same time, don’t worry too much about other people. Enjoy yourself and get fit on your bicycle!


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