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How to do Commander Planks is easier than you think. It’s our FitMom Tutorial because commander planks are one exercise to master for your arsenal of exercises! Its our BuzzChomp fitness video series.


Commander Planks are a great variation on plank. Learning how to do commander planks is essential in being successful at this magical full body exercise. First what is a commander plank? A commander plank, also known as up downs or walking plank, starts with a strong plank. If you’re new to plank make adjustments by spreading your hands and feet a little farther apart.

Commander planks are all about finding your sustainable rhythm. For newbies that is going slow as you go from plank to forearm plank. That’s right commander plank is alternating from plank to forearm plank one arm at a time. Make sure you keep your full body engaged as you want your hips to only slightly move. You do not want to be flailing around.

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Remember that engaging your core will secure that you engage your full body throughout these commander planks. A great way to get maximum benefits out of commander planks is to work your way up to making a circuit out of it. I love doing these for 30 seconds then resting for 10 seconds then doing another round of 30 seconds.

Commander planks are just another example of an exercise that torches your full body and you can do anywhere. No excuses to not work out!

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