How To Create Your Own Workout and Spice Up Your Fitness

The fun begins once you create a fitness habit, because the hard part is over. But you need variety. Learning to create your own workout will keep fitness fun and help you sustain your habit!


Once you’ve create a fitness habit, the fun truly begins. Yet you can’t continue to do the same workout over and over again, because it will get boring and you’ll lose interest. We must create our own personalized workouts! Learning to create your own workout is actually easy, and it will help you sustain your fitness habit. But if you’re nervous, I’m here to help. Create your own workout and spice up your fitness.

Explore Pinterest for fitness routines. I love Pinterest, especially when it comes to finding new workouts. I’ve found amazing workouts on there and it’s also given me inspiration to build my own circuits. It takes time to learn how to create your own workout, so there’s no shame in grabbing someone else’s circuit and tweaking it. If you are a fitness novice, you need to experience different workouts and learn what you love! The more you try different workouts, the easier it will be to create your own.

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Take advantage of free trainers at your gym. Years ago I joined Bally’s Total Fitness and they kept calling me about my one free personal training session. I had no desire to do it, but I figured why not. I decided that I’d go in and see what this trainer had to offer. It was a great decision. She had some excellent tips on new workouts and she gave me a good perspective on what I could do differently. Even though I only met with her once, it opened my eyes to different workouts. Most gyms will give you at least one free personal training session and it’s great to use it to learn how to create your own workout.

Partner Up! I used to consider myself a lone wolf when it came to my workouts. But I actually first started going to the gym with my brothers. Even though they both told me to go workout on my own, they’d show me different workouts to do. For a long time they were the only people I’d ever gone to the gym with, but then I got a boyfriend who is now my husband and he loves to exercise. He started showing me different lifting circuits to do and how to personalize traditional exercises. I love working out with him and I’ve learned so much from him.



Start with one muscle group. Dip your toes into creating your own workout by just picking one muscle group. The abs are the easiest and they were my first entrance into learning how to create my own workout. I always had my own abs circuit that I did. It was always slightly different and it was also my favorite part of my workout. That’s why I chose Abs to kickoff my Holiday Fitness Challenge! It’s a 60 day challenge that hits abs, arms, legs, shoulders, and full body. You’re going to love it.

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It’s truly easy to create your own workout. You just have to embrace it and experiment. It’s what made me want to create my own fitness challenge, and why I blog and vlog fitness. I love experiencing other challenges and have been inspired by other workouts to create a 60 day Holiday fitness challenge. For the next eight weeks I’ll be participating in my own workout challenge!

I love to do different workouts. It’s why Dan and I are always doing a different fitness challenge. This time though, we’ve create our own and anyone can do it! It’s easier than you think and it’s even more rewarding when you’ve created your own workout. Embrace learning how to create your own workout. It will spice up your fitness.



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