How To Always Be Honest With Yourself!

I’m constantly working on being completely honest with myself. It’s no easy feat, but once you master it you’ll gain an amazing perspective on your own life that no one can take away from you! The secret of how to always be honest with yourself is easier than you think.


I recently read a blog called “The Fine Art of Ending the Justification Game.” There is a quote at the top of the article that says “I always find myself making excuses for other people, instead of just accepting reality.” This sentiment is perfect and I know that even though I strive to be honest with myself, I’m utterly guilty of the above. The article inspired me to reflect upon myself and make sure I always keep to my mantra. Be honest with yourself. Here’s how!

Step One: Quit making excuses. This is a big and one that I constantly remind myself of. It’s definitely the most important step and one to start immediately. Okay, why is it the most important step in learning how to always be honest with yourself? It’s the most important because it opens you up to experiencing things differently. If you always have an excuse for why you can’t do something, then you’ll never take a risk! You also won’t accept responsibility for your actions.

Step Two: Always take responsibility for your actions. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Remind yourself of that and embrace this as the second most important step in how to always be honest with yourself. I know that I personally have the power to control my life and make my dreams a reality. I might have to re-evaluate my path and face the reality that I did something that didn’t work and that is okay. Not everything I do is right and taking responsibility for your actions means you are being completely honest with yourself.


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Step Three: Not everything you do is right and good. I consider myself to be a good person and strive to be a good friend. That doesn’t mean everything I do is right and good. I might think it is in the moment, but after self-evaluation I realize that it wasn’t. That’s life and being able to put yourself out there. Reflecting on your actions makes you always be honest with yourself.

Step Four: Quit Justifying Others Actions. I love people and analyzing why we do the things we do, but justifying others actions gets you nowhere in your own pursuits. I find myself still doing this and it’s silly! It doesn’t help me and it certainly doesn’t help them. If anything it makes me judge someone else, become bitter towards them later, and ultimately I’m surrounding myself with people and things that don’t align with my own thoughts and desires. There is no reason to do any of this!

Step Five: Let go of fear. Fear is one of those wasted emotions. I dislike fear and always face it down. Fear is just another excuse and reason why so many of us just stay content in the little bubble we’ve created for ourselves. It’s also a big reason why many of us don’t know how to always be honest with ourselves. Fear is just an excuse and it has no place in any of our lives. I hate when people say they have a “fear of success” or a “fear of failure.” It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard, because fear only leads to regret and who needs regret in their lives? Not me!

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Learning how to always be honest with yourself can be achieved! If you work for it now, it will totally become second nature. The best part about always being honest with yourself is that it becomes second nature and completely revolutionizes your life!


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