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It’s easier than you think to jump start weight loss in 3 tips. I always remind myself that most of the time it is the simple things that we let go. Once you pinpoint these you’ll see immediate results!


Now is the perfect time to evaluate where you are at and admit if you’ve let go of some of your healthy ways from January. It’s totally okay if you have and it’s easy to get yourself back on track. There are three tips: 1. Drink More Water. 2. Track Your Calories. and 3. Workout 3 days a week.


It’s those 4 tips that jump start weight loss. I know I often think I’m hungry when I’m really thirst and so now when I go into the kitchen I drink a glass of water first and that always satisfies my cravings. By upping your water your system gets a nice flushing. It also makes me feel so much better since a lot of problems in our bodies have to do with us not being hydrated enough.

I find that when I hone in on these steps I end up always stepping up my game. I embrace water and make smarter food choices and make sure that I’m keeping up to my fitness level. You will lose 3-5lbs in that first week and normally for me that’s just weight I’ve been on from slacking and snacking more than usual.

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Jump start weight loss in 3 tips is just being aware of your daily activities! Join our Fit Mom journey as we keep a healthy lifestyle while raising our baby girl!


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