Home Decorating Ideas to Personalize and Style

home decorating ideas

There’s a cliche about making your home your sanctuary, and like many overstated ideas, this one is true. Home should be comfortable, inviting, and above all a reflection of you. Use these home decorating ideas to personalize and style your own slice of heaven.


Raise your hand if you’re spending more time at home than ever before. Okay, now keep it raised if you are 100% happy with how your home makes you feel. Since we all put our hands down, ask yourself what you love and why that aspect of you is missing from your home. Now get ready to make yourself smile!

Home decorating ideas can be simple and personal, starting with the basics. What are hanging on your walls right now? Some rooms in our home are more public spaces, so accent them with canvas prints or tapestries that say “welcome to my home,” but also let your guests get to know you a bit. If you’re passionate about skiing or snowboarding, then use that as your inspiration with snowy landscapes or towering mountains adorning your walls. Mix in some classy photos of your family or loved ones, pets included, and your home will instantly feel warmer.

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What about specific rooms like the kitchen or a bathroom? Many people choose elegance for the guest bathroom, but comedy is also a popular choice. A well placed funny poster truly transforms a bathroom. We all spend time in there, so it might as well be enjoyable. Kitchens usually get the food treatment when it comes to decor, but this is not laziness. We cook and eat in our kitchen, so allow your home decorating ideas to be inspired by the foods you love. This will in turn inspire your cooking down the road.


home decorating ideas


Now for the truly personal space in your home, the bedrooms. These rooms can be the largest reflection of your personality and must make you happy. How can you possibly get a good night’s rest if your bedroom makes you cringe? We spend the most time in our bedrooms, so don’t neglect them. The artwork in my own bedroom inspires me and reflects my funky sense of style. My daughter loves pink and butterflies, so we found these amazing wall graphics to allow butterflies to dance on her walls. Whatever you love, add it to your room.

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Many of us need an escape, even from our own home. If you’ve built a “man cave” or “she shed,” then it requires some truly personal touches. As a sports fan, I love this collection of Sports Illustrated Covers made into wall art. Antiques and collectibles also make for great wall hangings, but never forget the color of your room. Always go lighter than darker with a color shade, and choose something that inspires you to smile. We may not be able to decorate every piece of our home in our own eyes, so think of it as one large mosaic. Then find your corners and get creative!


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