Unique iPhone Cases You Won’t Believe and Can’t Resist

unique iphone cases

How much do you love your phone case? We stare at them everyday, so having your own perfectly unique iPhone cases kinda just makes sense. These options you won’t believe!


One of the best ways to avoid a rut or get yourself out of one is by sprinkling a little random creativity into your life. That means picking something otherwise mundane and personalizing it. Choose something you love and smash it with something you functionally use every single day. Welcome to our wonderful world of perfectly unique iPhone cases.

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When it comes to adding a splash of personality to something inherently simple, its important to understand your own manner of gaining inspiration. Do you think of wild and fun designs in your head, or do you look to other artists for inspiration and wonderment? Are you a chic brand aficionado, or someone who prefers the allure of nature? No matter your preference, Pixels and great brands like The Healthy LA on Etsy will find you that perfect case to protect your iPhone.


Personal Designs

unique iphone cases
Pick your favorite or design your own!


One of the easiest ways to find what you want without knowing is by browsing one of the amazing collections of iPhone cases on Pixels. It’s safe to say they have a gallery for every one of your unique interests. Animals, art, fruit, famous artists, and even monkeys in human clothes. An astronaut getting ready to launch, famous magazine covers, and sports are just a few of the categories you’ll be browsing to find what you love best.

With so many options, picking a category may seem like a challenge in itself. Diehard sports fans will obviously know where to look, but if your interests are more varied, you may need an alternate approach. Remember, you are going to be seeing quite a lot of your iPhone case, so pick something that makes you smile or invokes passion. One of my favorites is this sketch drawn Wonder Woman case, because a super hero always makes me feel powerful and special.


Memorable Logos

unique iphone cases
Nature’s favorite leaf is the core of this brand’s logo.


Brands that represent what you love, or just have a super cool logo, are perfect for adorning your iPhone. Since something like cannabis remains more counter-culture, look to Etsy and a brand like The Healthy LA for something unique and personal. Two great case options include comic hearts with the iconic “special” donut logo, as well as cannabis leaf stripes with their same great logo.


Create Your Own


For those with a flare for the creative, or a special family photo you can’t stop looking at, creating your own unique case is the best option. Custom iPhone cases are easy to design with Pixels, allowing you to upload any image and size accordingly. Let your imagination take you away and put something special onto your iPhone and into your pocket.


Whether you know what you love, or require a little inspiration, transforming your protective case into an inspiring design is easy. Unique iPhone cases are now a necessity, because having anything less is simply being cruel to yourself. Treat yourself with some inspiration in the simplest way possible.


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